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The brass band “Danijela” was formed on February 2003.

At the time this musical troupe was formed, members of this brass orchestra were between 6 to 10 years old, the youngest was Bojan Veselinović (6), who weighted only 12 kilos at the beginning of his drumming career, which was only 2 kilos more than the weight of the drum that he was playing. Nevertheless,  this never stopped him from catching the eye of  Sveta Pasuljković, a drummer from The Fejat Sejdić Orchestra,who was impressed by Bojan’s extraordinary talent and who presented him another drum as a gift.

In 2003 Danijela was given a trumpet by a  famous musician Boban Marković, in Guca,who told her:

“You are a little trumpet princess”.

Since their early formation,this orchestra has been attending and performing on various gatherings and competitions in many different places across the whole Serbia:

Guca Trumpet Festival(from 2003-2014),then Zlatibor,Negotin,Zvornik,

Banja Luka, Boljevac, Zaječar, Kotraža, Novi Sad and Beograd(Belgrade).

In 2006 they represented Serbia on the “Joy of Europe” festival.

This brass band also played at Lobesz Festival in Poland,then in 2010 they played in Spain(Madrid and Barcelona).

In 2014, they presented themselves  in Geneve, Laussane,Montreux and at the Festval

“FETE des COULEURS” in Aigle(all in Switzderland).

In 2015 they travaled in Suisse once again,this time in Geneve and Nion and they have also performed in Corfu(Greece) as a part of “School of Patriotism” as well as many other places abroad.

Each of their lively performances is always spectacularly greeted by the crowd.

This band has been performing throughout Serbia and abroad on numerous festivals,brass competitions,ceremonial openings,charity events and many other manifestations.

In 2004 a documentary was made by the RTS(National Serbian Television) production,named “Devojčica sa trubom”(“The Girl With A Trumpet”).

In 2007 there was a short film under the name of “Škola nas je održala”(The School Held Us Together) produced by RTS which later got an award named “Paunovo srebrno pero”(“The Peacock’s Silver Feather”).
In 2008 another documentary was made, named “Danijela”, also produced by the RTS.

In 2016 documentary film" Breathing "  was made by  VICE, in the series"Young Heroes ".

The kids that founded this brass band at the very young age quickly turned from just an attraction to the mature professionals.Here are some of the most significant prizes and awards they have won:

In 2003-in Guca Trumpet Festival trubu Bobana Markovića(The Boban Marković Trumpet);
In 2004-  in Guca, bubanj Sveta Pasuljkovića,(The Sveta Paskaljevic Drum);
In 2005- nagrada “Najbolji trubač(The Best Trumpeter Award) in the pre competition for the Dragacevo brass convocation in Guca;
2005 – the title of the “Best Youth Brass Orchestra” in Guca;
2006- the second “ The Best Trumpeter Award”;
2006 –a special award “ The White Trumpet” in Prijepolje;
2007-2008.-the third and fourth “ The Best Trumpeter Award” in Guca;
2008- 3rd place on the National orchestra and big band competition in Poland;
2010-“The Best Drummer Award” in Kolovrat;
2013 – 3rd best brass orchestra in Kolovrat;
2014 – The best trumpeter voted  by  the jury,journalists and crowd on Zlatibor;
2014 – 3rd best Brass orchestra in Kolovrat.
2015- The best Bass player on Zlatibot Trumpet Festival

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